Monday, 26 March 2012

When using Citrix XenApp Server clients, you map printer drivers to identify printer drivers that have different names for the same printer on different Windows platforms. You need to use mapping if the printer drivers installed on Citrix XenApp Servers have names for client printers different from the drivers used on client systems.
Test methodology
An HP printer was attached to the client system using a parallel cable, USB cable, or TCP/IP port. The printer was installed on the client system, and drivers for the printers were downloaded from the HP Driver Support website and installed on the Citrix XenApp Server.
A printer driver with a different name than the HP driver installed on the server was installed on the client system. The client printer driver was mapped to the HP printer driver installed on the server. The client connected to the Citrix XenApp Server farm and the auto-creation of the client printer was verified. The client printer was able to print successfully.

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