Monday, 26 March 2012

A wireless profile is a set of network settings unique to a given network. A single wireless
card might have several wireless profiles (for example, one for home and one for the office).
Open the configuration utility for the network card installed on your computer and verify that
the profile selected is the profile for the printer's network. If not, select the correct profile.

If the printer is printing slowly, then the radio signal might be weak. Follow these guidelines
for reducing interference in a wireless network:
Keep the wireless devices away from large metal objects, such as filing cabinets, and
other electromagnetic devices, such as microwaves and cordless telephones, as these
objects can disrupt radio signals.
Keep the wireless devices away from large masonry structures and other building
structures as these objects can absorb radio waves and lower signal strength.
For an infrastructure network, position the WAP in a central location in line of sight with
the wireless devices on the network.
Keep all wireless devices on the network within range of one another.

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