Monday, 26 March 2012

The embedded Web server provides a convenient way to manage your printer on a network.
The embedded Web server is available for the HP LaserJet 1022nw printer over the Internal
HP network connection. The following information applies to the embedded Web server:
You do not need to install any software on the computer. You only need to have a
supported Web browser. To use the embedded Web server, you must have Microsoft
Internet Explorer 5.5 or later or Netscape Navigator 6.0 or later.
The embedded Web server is available in English only.
The embedded Web server does not provide e-mail or status alerts.
The embedded Web server allows you to view printer and network status and to manage
printing functions from your computer instead of from the printer control panel. The following
are examples of what you can do using the embedded Web server:
View printer status information
Order new supplies
View and change the printer default configuration settings
View and change the printer’s wired -or wireless network settings
The embedded Web server works when the printer is connected to an IP-based network.
The embedded Web server does not support IPX-based printer connections or AppleTalk.
NOTE Internet access is not required to open and use the embedded Web server. However, if you
click a link in the Other Links area, you must have Internet access in order to go to the site
associated with the link.
CAUTION It is recommended that the printer and associated computers reside on the same subnet.
Printer installation across subnets can be problematic depending on the type of router used.
However, if the printer is on a different subnet than your computer, enter the printer's IP
address (for example, in the browser's Address fields to open the
embedded Web server. Also, if your computer uses a proxy server to access the Internet,
you might need to configure your browser to by-pass the proxy server in order to access the
embedded Web server.

1. In a supported Web browser, type the IP address or hostname for the printer. To find the
IP address, print a configuration page at the printer by pressing and holding the GO
button until the Ready light starts blinking.
NOTE Once you open the URL, you can bookmark it so that you can return to it quickly in the future.
2. The embedded Web server has three tabs that contain settings and information about
the printer: the Information tab, the Settings tab, and the Networking tab. Click the tab
that you want to view.
The Information tab contains the following pages:
Device Status. This page displays the printer and supplies status. This page also
displays product information such as the network name, network address, and model
Configuration. This page shows information found on the printer Configuration page.

This tab allows you to configure the printer from your computer. If this printer is networked,
always consult with the printer administrator before changing settings on this tab. The
Settings tab contains the Print Settings page. On the Print Settings page you can view
and change basic information about the printer.

This tab allows the network administrator to control network-related settings for the printer
when it is connected to an IP-based network.

This section contains links that connect you to the Internet. You must have Internet access in
order to use any of these links. If you use a dial-up connection and did not connect when
you first opened the embedded Web server, you must connect before you can visit these
Web sites. Connecting might require that you close the embedded Web server and reopen it.
Product Registration. Connects you to the product registration page on the HP Web
Order Supplies. Click this link to connect to the Sure Supply Web site and order
genuine HP supplies from HP or a reseller of your choice.
Product Support. Connects to the support site for the HP LaserJet 1022nw printer. You
can search for help regarding general topics.
HP Instant Support. Connects you to the HP Web site to help you find solutions. This
service analyzes your printer error log and configuration information to provide
diagnostic and support information specific to your printer.
CAUTION Use caution when changing the print server's wireless network settings. It is possible that the
printer could lose the connection, which might require resetting the printer to the factory
defaults and reinstalling the software.

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