Friday, 1 August 2014

Network print servers in Hp Printe

Network print servers (not running Citrix XenApp Server) are servers with shared printers attached to them. Administrators add these shared printers into the Citrix Session Printers policy in order to make them available to all users when they connect to the server farm.
Test methodology 

HP printers were attached to the print server using a parallel cable, USB cable or TCP/IP port and connecting to the printer through HP Jetdirect. These printers were configured for multiple users. Drivers for the printers were downloaded from the HP Driver Support website. 

A printer policy was then created for Session printers and a User filter created for the Session printer policy for domain users, allowing domain users logged on to the XenApp server farm to verify that the shared network printer was available in the client session, and that the client could print successfully.

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