Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to using Print photos to proof sheet in Hp Printer

A proof sheet is a simple and convenient way to select photos and make prints
directly from a memory card without the need for a computer. A proof sheet (which
might be several pages long) shows thumbnail views of photos stored on the memory
card. The file name, index number, and date appear under each thumbnail.
Proof sheets are also a quick way to create a printed catalog of your photos.

Note From the HP All-in-One, you can only access JPEG and TIFF image
files. To print other types of files, transfer the files from your memory card to
your computer and use the HP Photosmart Software.
In order to print photos from a proof sheet you must complete the following tasks,
explained in detail in the procedures below.

● Print a proof sheet of the photos on your memory card

● Complete the proof sheet

● Scan the proof sheet


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