Friday, 1 August 2014

The printer's wireless network settings must match those of your network, which includes the
Communication mode
Network Name (SSID)
Channel (ad-hoc networks only)
Authentication type
1. Reconnect the cable.
2. Compare the network settings to those that appear on the printer's configuration page.
To print a configuration page, when the printer is in the Ready state, press and hold
the GO button until the Ready light starts blinking. For more information, see
Configuration page.
3. Do one of the following to find the settings for your network:
If the printer is communicating with the network using the infrastructure mode, open
the Wireless Access Point's (WAP) configuration utility.
● If the printer is communicating with the network using the ad-hoc mode, open the
configuration utility for the network card installed in your computer.
4. Compare the settings and note any settings that are different. Possible problems include:
The WAP filters hardware addresses (MAC addresses). See Wireless access point
(WAP) filters MAC addresses.
One of these settings in the printer might be incorrect: communication mode,
network name (SSID), channel (ad-hoc networks only), or security settings. See
Printer has the wrong wireless network settings.
5. Reprint the configuration page.

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