Tuesday, 27 March 2012

If you have a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth and you have installed a Bluetooth wireless printer
card in your printer, you can print from your phone.
Some phones have HP’s Mobile Printing Application software installed, which can increase the quality of
the output. Visit download this application if it is available for
your phone and not preinstalled. Other printing applications might be available from your phone
manufacturer that support this printer.
: HP Mobile Printing Application version 2.0 and later are supported. You can download the latest
version from or from your phone manufacture’s website.
See the documentation for your phone’s printing application for information on printing items such as:
Messages: Email, short message service (SMS), and multimedia messaging system (MMS)
Use the following steps to install the Mobile Printing Application on your phone if it is not already
installed. For help using these steps, see your mobile phone documentation or visit the manufacturer’s
support website.
1. Download the Mobile Printing Application to a computer from or
from your phone manufacturer’s website.
In this example, the name of the downloaded file is print.sis.
2. Transfer the print.sis file from the computer to the phone using one of the following methods.
• Email: Attach the print.sis file to an email, send the email to your email address, then open the
email on your phone.
• Bluetooth: If your computer has Bluetooth, use your computer’s Bluetooth utility to discover the
phone, then send the print.sis file from the computer to the phone.
• Infrared: Align the phone’s infrared lens with the computer’s infrared lens. Use the Wireless Link
feature in Windows to send the print.sis file to the phone.
3. Open the print.sis file on your phone.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the application.
5. Verify that the Mobile Printing Application has been installed by scrolling through the phone’s main
menu to find the Print icon.
If you don’t see the Print icon, then repeat steps 3-5.
Print a file using one of the following methods, or see the documentation for your phone’s printing
application for information about printing.
NOTE: The printer ships with built-in fonts for Bluetooth printing. Certain models include Asian fonts for
printing from mobile phones. The fonts included depend on the country/region where the printer was
purchased. See Printer specifications.
Mobile Printing Application
Bluetooth Send


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