Monday, 26 March 2012

Check the computer system
• Make sure that your computer is running one of the supported operating systems.
• Make sure that the computer meets at least the minimum system requirements.
• In the Windows device manager, make sure that the USB drivers have not been
• If you are using a computer running Windows, and the computer cannot detect the
device, run the uninstallation utility (util\ccc\uninstall.bat on the Starter CD) to
perform a clean uninstallation of the device driver. Restart your computer, and
reinstall the device driver.

• Make sure to use the Starter CD that contains the correct installation software for
your operating system.
• Before installing software, make sure that all other programs are closed.
• If the computer does not recognize the path to the CD-ROM drive that you type,
make sure that you are specifying the correct drive letter.
• If the computer cannot recognize the Starter CD in the CD-ROM drive, inspect the
Starter CD for damage. You can download the device driver from the HP

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