Monday, 26 March 2012

1. Open the printer's embedded Web server.
2. Click the Networking tab. For wireless settings, click Wireless. For IP settings, click IP
3. Change the printer's settings to match the settings of the network, then click Finish.
4. Close the printer's EWS, then disconnect the Ethernet cable from the printer.
5. The control panel lights will cycle.
If the printer is still not working, verify the computer’s wireless profile. Then, as a last option,
reset the network settings to the factory defaults and use the printer software CD to reinstall
the printer software.
To reset the network settings to the factory defaults, when the printer is turned off, press
and hold the GO and CANCEL buttons. Turn on the printer, and continue to hold the GO and
CANCEL buttons until all lights are blinking in unison.
NOTE If you reset the network settings, you will have to reconfigure all the network settings

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