Monday, 26 March 2012

MAC filtering is a security feature in which a Wireless Access Point (WAP) is configured with
a list of MAC addresses (also called hardware addresses) of devices that are allowed to gain
access to the network through the WAP.
If the WAP does not have the hardware address of a device attempting to access the
network, the WAP denies the device access to the network. If the WAP filters MAC
addresses, then the printer's MAC address must be added to the WAP's list of accepted
MAC addresses.
1. Print a configuration page. To print a configuration page, when the printer is in the
Ready state, press and hold the GO button until the Ready light starts blinking. For more
information, see Configuration page.
2. Find the printer's hardware address on the configuration page.
Open the WAP's configuration utility, then add the printer's hardware address to the list of
accepted MAC addresses.

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