Wednesday, 25 July 2012

C4580 - Problems with Wireless Installation/Setup

I am having problems installing/setting up my C4580 for wireless printing (i.e. through a network option) USB works fine.

It always fails at the same place:
- I select 'through a network'
- I select my SSID (Network Name) from the list
- I enter my WPA key
- The process runs through Network Diagnostics
- then gives me the following error:

"Your PC can not communicate with your printer at address Check all cable connections. Check that the printer, PC and router are powered on and connected to the network

Unable to communicate with your printer at this time. This may be caused by a Firewall. If you are using firewall software, verify UDP port 427 is unblocked from your printer at to your pc."

I have:

- turned off windows firewall and anti-virus
- ran the install (including advanced and only selecting the required drivers - to save time on multiple attempts)
- before each attempt, fully uninstalled everything (using the L1, L2, L3 and L4 .bat files as recommended by HP)

I have a Netgear DG834, which has a firewall. I have not tried adjusting any settings here, apart from reserving the IP Address for the printer and adding the C4580 MAC Address to the Access Control List.

Any help/advice much appreciated. I have spent about 10 hours on this + 1.5 hours to HP Telephone Support + 1 hour to HP Email Support.
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