Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to fix message error "Remove and check cartridge" on HP Printers

The message on the screen is Remove and check cartridge or Remove and check right cartridge or Remove and check left cartridge.
It means, in some case, that the cartridge is defective.

But first, try these solutions,

Solution 1 : 
  • For some printers, check the back door: it must be closed.
Solution 2: Check the cartridges
  • HP PSC 1503, 1504, 1507, 1508, 1510, 1510v, 1510xi, 1513 et 1514
  • PSC 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400
  • PSC 1600, PSC 2350 
  • HP Office jet 6210
Solution 3: reset the printer
  1. Power off the machine.
  2. Unplug the power cord from the printer and from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait for 1 minute.
  4. Connect the power cord to the printer and the wall outlet.
  5. Power on the printer.
Solution 4:
  • Printer on, unplug the power cord.
  • Hold on the "config" button and plug in the power cord..

Sunday, 9 June 2013

how to Printing from memory cards and USB Flash drives in HP Printer

Printing from memory cards and USB Flash drives in HP Printer

 If your digital camera uses a Type I CF card, SD card, or MMC, you can insert the card into the printer to
print your photos. Your camera must support Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) version 1 or 1.1 in order to
print directly from the card to the printer. See your digital camera documentation to see if it supports DPOF
files and for additional instructions on printing photos.
DPOF files are files created by digital cameras. They are stored on the camera’s memory card and contain
information such as which images are selected to print and how many of each image are to be printed or
saved. The printer can read a DPOF file from the memory card so you do not have to use the printer
software to reselect the images to print or save.
DPOF files also automatically print directly from a USB Flash drive that is connected to the USB port of the
You can also transfer photos from a memory card or a USB Flash drive onto your computer’s hard disk
and print them from a software application such as HP Photo Printing Software.
For information on loading photo paper, see Loading media.
To print from a memory card
1. Select the images you want to print by creating a DPOF file while the memory card is still in your
digital camera. The settings you can specify (such as number of copies) are specific to your camera.
See your digital camera’s documentation for more information.
2. Turn on the printer.
3. Load the appropriate media. See Loading media.
4. Configure your desired print settings:
• Windows: Open the Toolbox (see Toolbox (Windows)). Click the Printer Services tab, and then
click Print Settings. In the dialog box specify paper type, size, and print quality.
• Mac OS: Open the HP Printer Utility (see HP Printer Utility (Mac OS)). Click Direct Print Settings,
and then in the dialog box specify paper type, size, and print quality.

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Reboot your computer, run Windows Update, and reinstall the HP software

Often, it helps to install Windows update, reboot your computer, and try installing the HP software again. Follow these steps.

Step one: Reboot your computer

1.      Make sure that you have let the setup program complete by clicking Continue in the setup screens (if you don't see any HP software setup screens, then it's already done).
2.      Unplug the USB cable from the product.
3.      Reboot your computer.

Step two: Run Windows Update

1.      Right click or touch and hold the bottom left corner of the screen, then choose Search.
2.      Click or tap Settings then type Windows Update in the Search box.
3.      Click or tap Check for updates.
4.      Accept all updates, or at least critical updates.
5.      Reboot your computer. (You might be prompted to do this.)

Step three: Reinstall the HP software

Use one of the following methods to reinstall the HP software.
·  Disconnect the USB cable from both the product and the computer (if you already connected it).
·  Turn the product on.           
·  Right-click or tap and hold this link: HP Customer Care, and then click or tap Open in new window.
·  Type your product number, and then click or tap Next. You might also need to click or tap your model in a list of similar products.
·  Click or tap Software & Driver Downloads.
·  Select your operating system, and then click or tap Next.
·  Read through the minimum system requirements and additional instructions. You can also click or tap View directions for complete download instructions. This option allows you to install the software at any time after the download completes.

Friday, 7 June 2013

hp office-jet 7000 E809 is not printing.

Check the cartridge compatibility.
Replace incompatible cartridges.
For more information on how to clean the printhead, see instructions in this document to clean the print head
Troubleshooting Steps...
If these steps resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.

If the issue persists, continue to the next solution.
Load the paper print side down in the input tray. Many papers have printing and nonprinting sides, like photo paper and other special media. Usually, the smoother side is the "print side," and sometimes the non-print side has a logo of the paper manufacturer on it.
Do not use wrinkled or curled paper. Load only clean, wrinkle-free paper into the product.
Step 1:
INSTRUCTION 1:  Do not use wrinkled paper

Use the correct paper type for your project.
For everyday text documents, plain paper with ColorLok technology works well. Paper with ColorLok               technology is industry-standard paper that works well with HP ink.
Step 2:
INSTRUCTION 2: Plain paper with ColorLok technology is recommended for text printing

For documents with dense printing, such as high contrast graphics or photographs, use HP Advanced Photo  Paper for the best results.
Some media may not absorb ink as well as others. If your prints smear easily, make sure you are using a         recommended paper.
Store photo paper in its original packaging inside a resealable plastic bag. Store the paper on a flat surface in a cool, dry place. Load 10-20 sheets of photo paper only when you are ready to print, and then put the unused paper back in the packaging.
Try using a different paper. This will determine if the problem is related to the paper.
if these steps resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.
If the issue persists, continue to the next solution.
In the software program you are trying to print from, click File, and then click Print. The Print dialog box opens.
Select your product, and then click Properties. The printer Properties dialog box opens.
Click the Printing Shortcuts tab.    
Under Printing shortcuts, click the type of job you are trying to print.
Review the following options, and then make any necessary changes.
Paper sizes: Make sure that the selected option matches your paper size.
Paper type: If one of the options matches your paper type exactly, select that option.
Print quality: If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your printouts, increase the print quality.
Click the Features tab.
Under Color Options, make sure that Print in grayscale is not selected.
Click OK, and then click OK again to start the print job.
If these steps resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.
If the issue persists, continue to the next solution.
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