Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Missing Color, Wrong Color, or Streaks in the Printout


The printer is working, but the colors in the printed output are not the expected colors. The output might look as if only one color printed, a color did not print at all, the wrong colors printed. There might be streaks or lines in the printout.
Follow these steps in the order presented to resolve the issue.

Step one: Check the cartridges, and then check the paper

Follow these steps to make sure that your cartridges are genuine HP cartridges and that you are using appropriate paper for your print job.
  1. Check your cartridges. HP cannot guarantee the quality of remanufactured or refilled cartridges.
  2. Check your paper type. Paper that does not accept ink well can cause printed images to smear or bleed. Plain paper is not the best choice for high-density graphics. Step two: Print a test page
If your cartridges are genuine HP cartridges and the paper is appropriate for your print job, follow these steps to print a test page.
  1. Load the product with clean, plain white paper
  2. Evaluate the test page. Different printers produce different pages, but you should recognize elements from these examples on your test page. In general, cartridge and printer problems are indicated by streaks, missing colors, or wrong colors.
      • If your test page looks like these examples, the product and cartridges are probably not the cause of the problem.
      • Examples from a failing product or cartridges - streaked or broken bars or lines
      • If your test page looks like these examples, you probably have a cartridge in which the inks have mixed.